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Clean your world. Ease your mind.

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Welcome to Surfeze

Clean your world. Ease your mind.

Surfeze is personally committed to make it affordable, easy, and safe to purchase large inventories of medical-grade protective equipment and disinfectants.

Surfeze Quality: Our products are fully certified to meet performance and quality standards as defined by the United States and SGS, the world’s recognized authority for manufacturing and production quality.

Surfeze Transparency: Upon completing a basic verification process, customers receive product quality assurance and control inspections, as well as all scheduling and financial documentation. PSE holds customer funds in US escrow to bring added level of confidence to the procurement process.

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Our extensive industry experience

Education, Government, Law Enforcement

Healthcare, Care Facilities, Social Services

Entertainment, Amusement & Recreation, Hospitality, Food & Beverage

Pharma, Laboratories

The Surfeze Procurement Solution

Surfeze helps customers establish supply contracts direct with approved manufacturers of blue nitrile medical exam gloves, Class 1 FDA medical device disinfectant wipes, surgical masks and medical grade PPE.

In addition to direct sourcing, Surfeze offers flexible payment and procurement options with Letters of Credit (LC), US Escrow accounts, milestone contracts, and net payment terms.

Call to discuss the solution you need. (561) 725-7215

Customers have immediate access to volume supplies currently on-hand in Hawthorne, California and monthly production shipments coming from Thailand manufacturing allocations.

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What makes the difference?

High Performance and Safety

  • Affordable


    We offer volume-based pricing with discounts to those who purchase FOB, CIF prior to arrival in California. Additionally, we offer discounts on large orders with weekly and monthly deliveries on existing inventory.

  • Efficient


    Surfeze streamlines the procurement and communication process – no middlemen! We bring confidence to quality medical PPE.

  • Transparent


    Surfeze provides full documentation of product quality, safety, and delivers to customers by air, and land. Money is either held in US escrow or Letter of Credit. From SGS quality assurance to procurement authorizations, customers are safe from fraud and financial surprises.

Surfeze has skin in the game

“Watching people in the US without access to sufficient PPE is why I put skin in the game using personal funds to secure supply contracts and moved overseas to strengthen direct relationships with suppliers.”

New arrivals

Experience the easy path toward medical-grade PPE delivery

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    A note about medical-grade disinfectants

    Our wipes are FDA Class 1 Disinfectant, Medical Devices (alcohol wipes, 75% alcohol wipes, disinfectant wipes)

    Many products represent themselves as disinfectants. Science has proven that products made of ethanol are effective in killing Covid-19.

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    Secure your inventory today

    Surfeze makes it easy to lock-in large volumes of medical gloves, masks, and disinfectants!

    Clean your world, Ease your mind! Talk to us today about our inventory, planning schedule or your own direct supply contracts.

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